Hi everyone,

i’m going to tell you about my week! Well in Maths we did a hole week of triangles but not normal triangles we did isosceles, equilateral and Scalene Triangles. They are the 3 main triangles. I learnt heaps like all triangles have to equal 180 and isosceles have the same angle at the bottom and a different top angle. In Literacy we did an essessment except we didn’t start one we finished and I got mine done in time yah. I just think next time I should use my time a bit more wisely so I had more time and didn’t have to rush. In big idea me and Milly are done but definitely could used our time heaps better. This big idea definitely isn’t one of our bests but it is okay and we have our information. Over all  I think this week heads been pretty good and I hope next week ( the last week school) is even better. Please leave a comment!♥xo



Hi everyone I’m going to tell you all about my week at school.

Well in maths  we have been focusing on Cartesian planes which are a type of graph. I thought I did pretty well. I learnt heaps but there still is a few things I don’t know a bout Cartesian planes. In literacy we started an assessment. You have to write a story, do a reciprocal reading piece and the lap test. I’m on focus and I have just finished my reciprocal reading piece and is going to start my story soon. In big idea I’m with my friend Milly.  Where’re on task except need more information.  Well that’s been my week. Please leave a comment!♥xox

Home and away poem

Another normal day in life,

I pack my bag,

but something doesn’t feel right.

The war has started.

All I can hear is,

“Get on the boat”,

“Find food”,

“Where are we going”.

But the words that haven’t left my mind are,

you are always in one place or another,

You are ether home or away.

I wish I was home.





Maths workshops

In maths we have all made our own workshops to present to the class. I did a workshop on percentages with 2 friends. Our focus was learning how to work out percentages in an efficient way. We had no idea at the start but now we have a really good understanding. Percentages are now fun and easier to work out!

Transactional text message


Hi r u coming 2night 4 a sleepover. My Mum wants 2 know. If u r, bring sk8 stuff! 🙂


Yes! OMG it’s going 2 b so much fun. I ♥  it when we have sleepovers!


Gr8. I have lollies :). If you can, bring more yummy stuff!:)


KK. Wot movie r we watching, I’ve got the fairies.


Lol. Your the best bff. IDK wot movie. 2nights going 2 b so much fun because u make me lmho.


Lol. Wot clothes do I bring?


IDK anything really.


Gr8, thanx 4 the help. Wot time do I come.


C wot r bff’s 4. Come at 2 o’clock because we’re going sk8 boarding. That ok.:)


KK, brb Mums calling me got 2 clean my lunch box. Argh so annoying!


KK, I’ve got 2 go 2, my phones about 2 die. Ttyl, c u soon. xox ♥ 🙂


KK, bye, ttyl. C u soon, xox ♥ 🙂

Reflection on this week

Hi everyone,

This week was the last week of school for this term!♥It has been a good week. We didn’t do that much work then usual because it was the last week. We did at school Big Idea presentations and Milly (who I did it with) did pretty well I think. We used our time very well and probably couldn’t of done better. We also did at school the usual routine with math’s and literacy. In math’s I’m doing good but I’m not really amazing at math’s but that’s life. In literacy I’ve been working really hard and we got to watch a movie, wreck it Ralph!♥ On the holidays I’m going to Queensland for two weeks and I’m really excited. When I’m gone my best friend Milly is looking after my dog Otis! When where in Queensland my family is going to movie world and dream world! Also on the weekend I’ve got a dance comp and I’m really excited! I hope we win first but it’s not always about winning it’s about having fun! That really what’s happened in my week. thanx. xxx :> ♥

Relflection on this week!

Hi everybody,

This week at school We’ve been doing a lot of stuff to do with R.E because on the weekend were having our confirmation. I’m really excited and I chose my dress and I think it’s really pretty. I’ve been working on my saint very hard. After the Confirmation all of my dads side of the family is coming over to celebrate! Also at school with Bella, Milly and Ella we did an ad (in literacy just for fun). We advertised Frutia shampoo. Ours was probably the funniest because my best friend Milly wore shorts with a fake bum on the back. We worked really hard but in some moments I think we were a bit silly. Anyway that was my week! I hope you can leave a comment about your week! Thanx. xxx :>


Foot Print Challenge

Hi guys I did a foot print challenge for home work and its where you do a test to see how many worlds you need to supply your daily needs. I did it and I need 2.5 worlds. I thought that was okay considering I have 5 family members but I can still do things to help the world. I think I could help the world more and get less worlds by buying things that aren’t packaged with plastic. Like bringing nude food and containers. Thanx for listening! xxx :>